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Deep Left Field with Mike Wilner

Apr 1, 2021

Thanks for joining us out here in Deep Left Field. This is the Toronto Star’s baseball podcast, and this is our official launch for opening day. Today, we talk to Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, the star of Kim's convenience and a Canadian kid who's a member of the Star Wars universe, with a role in the Mandalorian and a big fan of the Jays. Alyson Footer, a national writer for, will also join us. Alyson has covered the Houston Astros for a very long time and saw George Springer when he was just starting out his professional career. And while he's not going to be the closer, he's probably going to get the biggest outs late in games. Canadian Blue Jay Jordan Romano, the pride and joy of Markham, Ontario, also joins us out here in Deep Left Field.

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